Monday, April 27, 2009

WoW, is that it?

so i guess you already know i`m a videogame fan so as a fan i heard a lot about WoW so i decided to try it now i wasn`t gonna buy the game just to try it and 7 days trial its not enough so i tried it with another method but we`re not gonna discuss that right now.

so i had the game, a good computer (not this piece of crap) and i wanted to test it and so i did, at first well it`s kinda hard to know what to do but all the games are like that, after some time i knew what i was doing and i liked it, the people offered me help and free stuff which is really hard to find on a MMORPG now, so i kept playing and playing and everyday i made a new char because i always do it i always have a hard time choosing only 1 class at the end i chose a blood elf-rouge because i prefer speed over power, i get bored of doing 1 hit every 3 secs.

so after all the playing the laughs and the sorrows (and the spontaneous need to beat the crap out of someone) i said to myself... so now what? i got to lvl 60 had plenty of friends but it was nothing extraordinary (at least for me) i always get hooked on games this month im hooked on rpg`s and i`ve play FF6,FF7,FF8,FF9,chrono cross etc.. so for me getting hooked on games is natural.

but WoW didn`t hooked me yes i played a lot but i was off at 11 pm and back on at 1pm when my normal ratio is "be on all freaking day", but ok many people like it and that`s fine, many people like runescape and that`s good but the thing i hate is that people say it`s the best, the only, the greatest etc.. that`s really annoying because there`s not such thing as "the best", different people like different things, another thing that i hated was people always saying that if you play WoW you don`t have a life i found that very stupid, annoying and all i wanted to do was grab those people and smash their little heads on the ground (yeah i know that`s crazy but i`m kinda crazy).

well at the end i stopped playing and then my laptop broke and i was left with this shity computer, now i gotta say that i liked WoW i just don`t think it`s a big deal, yeah it`s a good game but there are a lot of good games, now i understand that its the MMORPG with the biggest number of players but like i said different people like different things just because 80% (note: 80% is a random number not real) of the world`s population likes it that doesn`t mean it`s the best because THERE`S NO SUCH THING AS "THE BEST".

so bottom line WoW is a good game of course that it`s boring if you don`t have any friends because MMORPG are all about being with people, if your on a server with 100 players your gonna get bored but of course this is only my personal opinion about my experience with WoW you are free to think as you wish.

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