Monday, April 27, 2009

Free PC Games

So today i`m feeling like playing Command and Conquer and i have the original disc but my computer doesn`t have a cd driver, yeah i know its lame but like i`ve said my computer is total crap, in this case i decided to download C&C Red Alert 2 but damn it`s hard to find a good site to download pc games and i hate ares or kazza or any of those cus they have too many virus and it takes you 3 days to finally have the game when you realize that you can`t play it because there are files missing and that`s just way too annoying.

so anyway im gonna put some of the pages where i download pc games so first we have..

Directorio Warez: i love this page i just search the game choose the link i want and download, the problem is its on spanish, i know spanish so its not a problem but anyway if you wanna use this site all you need to do is make an account and that`s it its quite good the only game i haven`t found there is Diablo II Lord of Destruction but i found it on another site

Programas Warez: another site just like directorio warez, it`s pretty much the same you create an account search the game you want the difference is that you have to leave a comment or you can`t download the files and just like directorio warez it`s on spanish.

Angernet: this site has tons of games this is where i got C&C RA2 but this site also has music and films so its quite good and in case you don`t know spanish this site is on english.

from these sites i`ve downloaded C&C red alert 2, yuri`s revenge, Diablo II, Lord of Destruction, Starcraft, Broodwar, Age of Empires the Age of Kings, Conqueros and there are more but i can`t remember right now.

in case that you want a certain game like Diablo II but you can`t find it leave a comment and i can leave you a direct link to the download site (megaupload, rapidshare...)

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