Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free Download PSX Games

so you wanna play Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Chrono Cross or any other great PS1 game but you just can`t find it right?

well PS1 games are annoying to find for free and even when you find it its annoying to play on a computer, i spent hours and hours trying to find a good page that had all the PS1 games for free after many hours i found some and here i`ll tell you about them.

So i know of some pages, some better than others, first we have:

Rom Hustler ( : this page i found annoying it does`nt have many games and every game is divided in several parts for example each disc of final fantasy IX is divided in 10 parts, thats 40 parts to get the full game!! i found this very very annoying and i stopped using it very soon but if your internet is very slow you might like downloading 10 parts of 40MB instead of 1 file of 400MB.

just in case you wanna download frim romhustler but don`t know how i`ll put some instructions

because this is about PSX i`ll explain downloading Final Fantasy IX one of my favorite games of all times.

so first we go to then we go (in this case) to Sony Playstation on the left side and click it

then we can see more info about the PS1 read it if you want to, and then we scroll down until we find the letters A-Z we choose the one we want, since im gonna download Final Fantasy IX ill click on the letter F

then we scroll down until we find the game we want and choose part 1 or whatever part you want (quite easy, i don`t think i need a pic for that)

after we click the name of the game we want we should see the name of the game and a little down are the options Download this rom/Share files with zSHARE and since we want to download it we click download, if you can`t find the "download this rom" maybe that game is protected legally and you can`t download it

after that we find ourselves on a page where we have to wait 15 seconds before we can download it so we wait and after 15 seconds " click HERE to start your download" so we click and that`s it we just have to wait and repeat the process until we have all the parts so thats 39 more parts for FFIX

one of my favorites sites is Snesorama.

now snesorama main page is crap it has like 10 titles and 7 are for members but we don`t want the mainpage we wanna go to the forums ( snesorama forums has a lot of games and different versions of each game so if you want Castlevania SOTN on japanese they have it, but this page its not only about PS1 theres also Sega Saturn, dreamcast, SNES and even PS2 and Gamecube, its a really good page the only problem is that sometimes the links are outdated.

so to download from snesorama you don`t need to register just go to the bottom of the page until you find the TRADING ZONE title there you can see the TRADE POST right there you can see the subforums. i`ll put a pic so you don`t get confused

just click the option you want and good luck trying to find the game lol.
it can be annoying thrying to find a game because the categories are sports, racing, adventure so the easiest way is to go to the MASTER LIST (see i even put you a link that`s very nice of me don`t you think?) there just look for the console you want since i want Final Fantasy IX (i know im a final fantasy fan so what) i go to playstation master list then to letter F and just look for the game and the region i want and that`s it, quite simple

and now my favorite site for downloading all kind of roms

Romulation ( . i just love this site it has all kind of games PS1, GBA, Snes, DS and its free but of course theres a catch cus we know there always is the thing is you need points to download games but you don`t have to buy points cus then it wouldn`t be free and im writing about FREE DOWNLOAD.

so first of all we need to create an account.
after that we need points since we want to download PS1 games we need like 400 points per disc since they charge 1 point-1 MB so a game thats 350MB will cost you 350 points also
games that are 50MB or less are free they only charge points if the file is bigger than 50MB so gba roms are pretty much free.

so how do we earn points? when you make an account you get 500 points, you can also buy them if you want but you also get points for posting on forums, uploading game pics and you get 50 points each day.

you get almost no points for pics or posting like 4 points for each so what you can do is do an account today download the game you want from romhustler or snesorama and just let the points come to you.

when i made my account and found out i needed points i left inmediately but after some time i wanted to play chrono cross and went there by accident just to find that i had 25000 points so i started downloading avery game i wanted i downloaded FFIX, FFVIII, FFVII, Chrono Cross, Resident Evil 2, Castlevania Symphony of the Night etc. and i still have 19000 points.

i just love romulation because it has every game i want there hasn`t been one game i wanted that wasn`t there.

so you have your account and enough point to download the game you want and now you wanna know how to download games?

its quite easy from the mainpage choose DOWNLOADS located just beneath the ROMULATION text.
then go down and choose the system you want GBA, PSX, DS or whichever you want.
now lets say you want (yes, you guessed it) Final Fantasy IX just put "final fantasy IX" on the search bar or you can also search page by page if you want to.
after you found your game click the name and you`ll come to a page with the info aboput the game like size, region etc. almost at the top you can see " details/comments/genres/download".
just choose download, then choose the server north america or europe and that`s it

so that`s pretty much it i hope this helps cus i know it can be annoying to find games sometimes.
later i`ll post where to get pc games and how to run games on epsxe

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