Sunday, April 26, 2009

can`t run ePSXe?

many people think epxse is the best psx emulator and even thought i don`t think theres such thing as "the best" i think its a really good emulator.

the problem comes when you want to run games first you need epxse then you need some Bios and Plugins after that you need to choose your plugins and configure them according to the game you wanna play (if you wanna know where to get games check my post "free download PSX games").

im gonna give you 1 of many many choices to play games like final fantasy IX or chrono cross, i`ve found that people has many many problems playing those two games.

first things first your computer specs are very important and im not saying that you need a super fast and expensive computer what i mean is, depending on your computer your experience can be really good or really bad, now my computer is CRAP!! its super slow its full of virus, trojans etc. i can`t even play simple games like C&C generals so bottom line my computer sucks big time!

so even when my computer sucks i am still able to play final fantasy series, its easy the only thing is that it takes a while to get everything the way you want, even my brother gets so frustrated that he comes at me for help and he`s the one that knows about computers lol.

so first of all we need the emulator, the plugins and the Bios, i use epsxe 1.5.2 some people say that 1.6 have more problems with final fantasy and chrono cross thats why i use 1.5.2 i`ll leave a link for the emulator ePSXe 1.5.2 feel free to use it or not, do as you wish.

all you have to do is double click and choose where to install it, then run epsxe.

  1. so now we have the emulator its time to configure it just go to "config" and "wizard guide"
  2. 1/7-so we`re at the first of seven pages just click config
  3. 2/7- just choose scph1001 and click next
  4. 3/7-time for the video plugin now because my computer is crap as i have mention before i`ll be using P.E.Op.S. soft driver 1.12 then click config,
  • first we`ll choose "fullscreen"
  • on the right choose "400 x 300 default" (you can choose something else remember my computer is slow)
  • in color depth i choose 16bit cus my computer only has 16 and 24
  • we jump to stretching i use 1:1 cus my computer can`t run it on "full window size" feel free to try on full
  • on dithering we choose "no dithering"
  • framerate is optional but you should know FPS is how fast it runs depending on the region you should choose either 50fps or 60fps 50fps is for pal games (games from europe) and 60fps is for american games i`ll put the options
what i do is "transparent FPS-on", "show FPS-on", "use FPS limit-on", "use frame skipping-off", "auto-detect FPS-on", "FPS limit- off".

but one of the things i like of playing games on computer is the ability to go fast so on "key configurations" i put "toggle selected option down-Z" now i do this because everytime i use the "Z" it goes from 60FPS to max FPS

this pic is from FFVII, on the first its running at 84 and the second is running at 58, with the options i gave you all you need to do is press Z and you`ll see it go from 60 to 100 (depends on your computer)

  • scanline mode we choose "disabled"
  • and i leave everything else "off"
  • push "ok" and then click "next"
5. 4/7-sound configuration. choose eternal spu plugin and click next
6. 5/7-config cdrom. i always leave it alone
7. 6/7-configurate pads that`s your choice of course but in case you`r not sure ill leave mine




8. 7/7-you`re done

after you finish configurating epxse and after you have the iso of the game you need a memcard, epxse comes with 2 memcard already but if you wanna make more just go to ePSXeCutor (comes with the link i posted), open ePSXeCutor and choose "configurations" and then "new epsxe configuration" then choose "configure epxse" and then go to "memcards" then click on "create" then it will say "not formatted" so just select it and choose "format" click yes and then it should say "formatted, no blocks used" and your new memcard is ready.

well now all you need is to start playing so open epsxe choose "file" then "run iso" then choose the iso of the game you wanna play and click "open" then the game will start and your ready.

remember that with this setup you can save the game with "F1", choose a block to save/load with "F2" (there are 5 blocks) and load a block with "F3"

like i said my computer is slow so you can choose other options i had another computer and i found that "Pete`s OpenGl Driver" is one of the best plugins.

hope this guide helped you, if you wanna know where to download PSX iso`s check my post
"free download PSX games"

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