Monday, April 27, 2009

Emulation. nice and easy

So you wanna play GBA, DS, PSX, SNES etc.. but you don`t have any money to buy it or you just don`t want to? well my first advice would be buy it because i think it`s better but you think differently or you just don`t want to, well that`s fine because here i`ll tell you how to play these consoles on your computer with an emulator.

now the definition of emualtor is...... i don`t know and im too lazy to look for it and your too lazy to read it even if i put it because i know right now your screaming "just tell me how to play GBA on my computer you fucking asshole!!!" so let`s get to the point

Game Boy Advance

so let`s start with GBA, first we need an emulator the one we want is Visual Boy Advance it`s really easy to find on google but ill put a link since you`r too lazy to google it.

now on a side note if you wanna be able to trade pokemons just because you want gengar or onix or just trade with yourself you should get VBA link, i`ll even put a tutorial on how to trade

Visual Boy Advance LINK- this link is for VBA link if you`r not interested on trading you can download it too its the same as VBA just that you can connect 2 or more windows that`s all.

so now we need some games better known as ROMS there are several sites to get roms for free but then again you`r just too lazy to search so here`s one

ROMSITE: pretty good site you can get also get NDS roms the downside is that you have a limit i don`t remember how many MB`s you can download before you have to wait a day.

: great site you can get GBA, PSX, NDS, SNES, N64 etc... the bad news is you need points i explain how to download from romulation on my post "Free download PSX games" but since they charge points only if the file is ove 50mb you can download plenty of GBA roms for free and in the meanwhile you get points each day.

so we have the emulator the rom now we wanna play so just open Visual Boy Advance.exe and let`s go step by step

º go to "options" then "joypad" then "configure" then "1...." and configure the controls as you wish, i`ll put mine in case you like it
A-c B-d L-q R-w Select-b Start-n
for the arrows use the arrows duh.

º so know we wanna play so i`m gonna play pokemon emerald so let`s go to "file" then "open..." then choose your rom

º now let`s say it`s going way to slow and you can`t play like that so let`s make it faster, let`s go to "options" then "frame skip" and choose a number from 0-9, 0 being the slowest and 9 the fastest,

º if you want the screen to be bigger go to "options" then "video" and you can choose the "x1, x2, x3, x4", now let`s say that at "x2" you can`t see anything and at "x3" goes slow so let`s choose "full screen" choose the one you like or can, in my case it`s "full screen (320 x 240)" if you still want more speed you can go to "options" then "sound" and choose both "off" and "mute" and it`ll go faster

so now we`re playing at a good speed, good job but let`s say your playing pokemon emerald and you see a message that says "the internal battery has run dry blah blah blah..." all you have to do is go to "options" then "emulator" and then "real time clock" once you activate the real time clock this error is fixed

some people have told me that they can`t play or save on pokemon personally i`ve never had this problem with VBA link so if you`r having some problem feel free to try my link

so now you wanna trade pokemons right? well i`ll tell you how...

º so first we need to have 2 pokemons (i`ll be doing it on emerald) then let`s go to the poke center and go to the 2nd floor, there go with the girl on the right and make an ingame save.

º now got to VBA link and open a second window open pokemon emerald (or whichever pokemon your playing on window 1) and go to "file" then "import" then "battery file" then choose the file you want (personally i have files .sa1 .sa2 and .sav i choose .sa2) then click ok on the "confrim action"

º then just load the game and you`ll be right on the poke center or wherever you saved so now we have to configure the controls differently on window 1 and window 2 because we`re gonna be moving both chars at the same time

º so now we have different controls for different windows now we need to move them at the same time so go to "options" then "emulator" then make sure you have "pause when inactive window" OFF do this on both windows, you should make the two windows small since they`ll be runnng at the same time

º so now you can move both chars so just talk to the lady she`ll ask you to save and then you`ll go inside the room in there all you have to do is choose the pokemon you wanna trade and trade them

º let`s say i have a game already with 8 badges and all (good game) and i started a new game but i wanna use dragons only, problem is there are no dragons at the begining so on window 2 i load my good game and then trade a shity pokemon (wurmple) for the dragon i want (bagon) after i traded them and got out of the room i close window 2 and save window 1 and that way i keep the "bagon" on both my new game and my good game but i lose wurmple

and that`s all on how to trade.

so we`re done with GBA now let`s go to...

Super Nintendo

one of the greatest consoles of all times with cool games like Chrono Trigger, Metroid etc.

the emulator i like is ZSNES, theres the link if you want it so all we gotta do is unzip and run, but since i got some troubles with it on this shity computer i`ll give you some advices in case you get similar errors

º so the first time i open zsnes all i could see was a black window and nothing else if this happens open the zsnesw.cfg file, you can use wordpad, then go where it says video you`ll see it says video mode (0..42) or something like that then you get numbers and the resolution 1-42 a little lower theres something that says "cvidmode=x" instead of x try one of the numbers, they go from 1-42
so on each number you can the some letters and the resolution
( 6 = 640x480 DR FULL)
º the first number (6) is the number you`ll put on "cvidmode="
º then comes the res
ºthe R means that the window will keep the 8=7 ratio, S-stretch , D-allow filters,
ºat the end WIN-window, FULL- fullscreen

so in my case its a 640x480 fullscreen filter mode, so just try anything then save the changes and open zsnes until you can see the screen once you see it you can do all this from "config" and "video"

there`s not much problem with this emulator you just configure the control on "config" then "input" then you just load a game and start playing

so now you want roms and you want ME to give you the links right? it`s probably my fault since i`ve been giving you all the links but anyway...

Romworld: romworld has a lot of roms most of them for older consoles like snes but it also has N64 and others so its quite good

Romulation: again romulation is really good and i love it

so that`s pretty much it for snes

Playstation 1

so now`s the time for PSX one of my favorite consoles and for some people one of the hardest to get running

so first we want games (isos) we can get them from several sites i`ve already talk about this on "free download psx games" so i will only put the most important things so you might wanna check
"free download psx games" post kinda crappy, not many games and every game is on several parts, about 10 parts for each cd but feel free to try it pretty good you can find a lot of games and several versions of it, you don`t need an account or anything else, if you can`t find where are the downloads check "free download psx games" like i`ve said before a very good site it`s my favorite this is where i get all my games

so now we want an emulator i like epsxe 1.5.2 there`s the link now to get the emulator running you can check "free download psx games" because i`m too lazy to put all that again.

so there you have if you need more info go to "free download psx games"

Nintendo DS

yep nintendo ds of course if you own it you can get one of a gadget to save games and play them on your ds.

so you want roms? then we can go to...

ROMSITE: they have only gba and ds roms but because of the MB limit you can only download 1 ds rom per day

Romulation: yes, once again romulation is the "go to" site

so now you want the emulator, we`ll be using no$gba

since my computer is crap i can`t play nds so i can`t really give you a tutorial but i do remember that this version of no$gba ( i think its 2.6) you dont need to change the save type all you need is to open the rom and play, at least that`s what i remember.

Nintendo 64

so as we all know by know MY COMPUTER IS SHITY and because of that i can`t run my n64 emulator but i can tell you that all n64 emulators have a lot of problems but the one that many people including me like is project 64.

you can get roms from
Romulation or Romworld but romulation is better.

well that`s all i`ve used other emulators like MSX1 and MSX2 but that was long time ago so i can`t really remember what was the emulators name, you can also get other emulators from emulator zone and you can get roms for different consoles on Romulation and Snesorama

so that`s all i hope this helped you and as a tip i`ll tell you how i learn to configure the emulators it`s simple just click everything until you find what you want but always have a backup i always save my zips that way if i screw it i just unzip it and try again.

WoW, is that it?

so i guess you already know i`m a videogame fan so as a fan i heard a lot about WoW so i decided to try it now i wasn`t gonna buy the game just to try it and 7 days trial its not enough so i tried it with another method but we`re not gonna discuss that right now.

so i had the game, a good computer (not this piece of crap) and i wanted to test it and so i did, at first well it`s kinda hard to know what to do but all the games are like that, after some time i knew what i was doing and i liked it, the people offered me help and free stuff which is really hard to find on a MMORPG now, so i kept playing and playing and everyday i made a new char because i always do it i always have a hard time choosing only 1 class at the end i chose a blood elf-rouge because i prefer speed over power, i get bored of doing 1 hit every 3 secs.

so after all the playing the laughs and the sorrows (and the spontaneous need to beat the crap out of someone) i said to myself... so now what? i got to lvl 60 had plenty of friends but it was nothing extraordinary (at least for me) i always get hooked on games this month im hooked on rpg`s and i`ve play FF6,FF7,FF8,FF9,chrono cross etc.. so for me getting hooked on games is natural.

but WoW didn`t hooked me yes i played a lot but i was off at 11 pm and back on at 1pm when my normal ratio is "be on all freaking day", but ok many people like it and that`s fine, many people like runescape and that`s good but the thing i hate is that people say it`s the best, the only, the greatest etc.. that`s really annoying because there`s not such thing as "the best", different people like different things, another thing that i hated was people always saying that if you play WoW you don`t have a life i found that very stupid, annoying and all i wanted to do was grab those people and smash their little heads on the ground (yeah i know that`s crazy but i`m kinda crazy).

well at the end i stopped playing and then my laptop broke and i was left with this shity computer, now i gotta say that i liked WoW i just don`t think it`s a big deal, yeah it`s a good game but there are a lot of good games, now i understand that its the MMORPG with the biggest number of players but like i said different people like different things just because 80% (note: 80% is a random number not real) of the world`s population likes it that doesn`t mean it`s the best because THERE`S NO SUCH THING AS "THE BEST".

so bottom line WoW is a good game of course that it`s boring if you don`t have any friends because MMORPG are all about being with people, if your on a server with 100 players your gonna get bored but of course this is only my personal opinion about my experience with WoW you are free to think as you wish.

Free PC Games

So today i`m feeling like playing Command and Conquer and i have the original disc but my computer doesn`t have a cd driver, yeah i know its lame but like i`ve said my computer is total crap, in this case i decided to download C&C Red Alert 2 but damn it`s hard to find a good site to download pc games and i hate ares or kazza or any of those cus they have too many virus and it takes you 3 days to finally have the game when you realize that you can`t play it because there are files missing and that`s just way too annoying.

so anyway im gonna put some of the pages where i download pc games so first we have..

Directorio Warez: i love this page i just search the game choose the link i want and download, the problem is its on spanish, i know spanish so its not a problem but anyway if you wanna use this site all you need to do is make an account and that`s it its quite good the only game i haven`t found there is Diablo II Lord of Destruction but i found it on another site

Programas Warez: another site just like directorio warez, it`s pretty much the same you create an account search the game you want the difference is that you have to leave a comment or you can`t download the files and just like directorio warez it`s on spanish.

Angernet: this site has tons of games this is where i got C&C RA2 but this site also has music and films so its quite good and in case you don`t know spanish this site is on english.

from these sites i`ve downloaded C&C red alert 2, yuri`s revenge, Diablo II, Lord of Destruction, Starcraft, Broodwar, Age of Empires the Age of Kings, Conqueros and there are more but i can`t remember right now.

in case that you want a certain game like Diablo II but you can`t find it leave a comment and i can leave you a direct link to the download site (megaupload, rapidshare...)